Next new adventure

Life has changed a little since I began this blog nearly three years ago. I want to take some time to tell a little of where the Lord is leading my heart.

To put the past two years in an elevator speech…

In June of 2015, I started dating my husband Daniel. Since then, he and I moved from Tennessee to Indianapolis, we both started new jobs, we bought a house, we got married, we became parents to a little saint in heaven and I have taken to writing and prayer as a “full-time job.” That pretty well sums up all of the major events.

There have been many life changes for my husband Daniel and me. We have certainly grown as individual and as a married couple. In addition to the adventure Daniel and I have been on, there’s also been things between those lines of events that have been extremely life-giving.

Three years ago, before I started dating Daniel, I was living in a house with seven other women. This was a house near Nashville, TN that brought together eight young Catholic women to live together in intentional community. I cannot begin to express how that experience prepared me to be the woman, wife, daughter, sister, and the friend I am today.

IMG_9251 (1)

It was living in an intentional community with those women that truly began to teach me the beauty of what it meant to be a woman. As difficult as it was, I learned it is much easier to grow in virtue and grace with the help of others than by myself. Living in community, either intentional or with a spouse in marriage, requires humility, patience, vulnerability.

As mentioned, I have chosen to make writing a full-time job. After all of great adventures in the past two years, I have realized God is asking me to share with women the beautiful gift of formation and spiritual /personal growth found in community. Community comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a group of moms or young adults at a parish or a group of women that have sought each other out, women are made for community. (Gen. 2:18)

This next chapter in my life, with the support of my husband, will be dedicated to women and to discovering the beauty of the feminine heart through a relationship with Christ and an “inner circle” of women. Together, united as one in community,  women are the harmony and beauty of the world. The Peacemakers.

Come Holy Spirit, guide us on this journey.

Whether you are a young single women or a mother of young or adult children, we are all made for each other. We were created to be the beauty of the world. If you have a strong group of women in your life now or have had a community with which you have grown in faith and virtue, I want to hear about it!

Tell me your story –

Check This Out! Pope Francis recently spoke about women and their impact on the world: World needs women, not for what they do, but for who they are…

Wisdom Comes in the Silence


My father and my grandfather 

We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls. -St. Teresa of Calcutta

There are a lot of people in this world I respect for a variety of reasons.

Of all of those respectable people, two of them are my late paternal grandfather and my father. And, the more I get to know my husband’s father, I see he shares some particular traits with my grandfather and father.

Words are important – they are important not only to me but also to all of my relationships. My father and late grandfather are both men of few words. Occasionally, it is even hard to get my father’s opinion on something.

Over the years, I have seen this trait both frustrate and fascinate my family.

The few words and simple responses were often the reactions I was given as a kid when I asked my dad about something that did not have much significance.  His short answers or his long pauses always game me just the answer I was looking for. I grew to really appreciate my father’s deliberate way of saying, “Brea, that is not really significant in the big picture of life.”

Over the years I have thought a lot about my father’s and late grandfather’s “silence.” And to my own shock, I have grown to respect and appreciate it. Looking back, I do actually remember many great conversations with each of these men. I remember talking about my future, our shared Catholic faith, our loved ones, and on occasion, a sporting event I had just participated in.

I have grown to realize that these two great men both understood, my father still understands, the powers and beauty if their words. Each of these men chose their words with wisdom and intention.

Have you ever met a person that does not speak much but when they do, everyone listens? That is exactly what it was like growing-up with these two men. I have thought about what made both of these men’s words so valuable and respected. I believe it is a few things:

  1. These men knew the importance of the wisdom they were given. They did not want to waste their energy on anything that did not mean something to them.
  2. They knew their opinions were respected and they were trusted for their honesty. My Grandfather worked hard to be the best man he could be, and people noticed. Today, my father is living with that same intention.
  3. They were old fashioned. They spoke straight to the heart and mind of the person sitting right in front of them – they did not speak to large crowds nor did they need to be the center of attention. They spoke to the human heart.  They knew the value of their thoughts and only entrusted them with people in true dialogue – true community.
  4. They listened. Honestly, this is the key. As simple as it was, they listened without needing to respond or comment with their own stories or suggestions.

There is a lot to be said about the value of these men’s words. There are things each of these two men have shared with me that I will remember my whole life – stories and lessons of life and love.

As I mentioned, I had many conversations about faith with both of these men. To my delight, I am still learning so much from my father in these type of conversations today. Looking back I realized just how blessed I was to have had the faithful witness and testimony of these two men. I now see how humbling it is for a person to know the value of the phrase, “may my words be few.”

Because these men did not speak much, when they did, I listened. When they spoke, I wanted to know what they were saying. I strived to collect their words. I yearned for them to share. I was genuinely intrigued.

That wonder and awe, that respect for their words, that excitement of knowledge has truly helped to make me who I am today!

Today I yearn to learn more about the things that matter. Above all, today I strive to dive deeper in my faith. These two men helped me to foster that desire by their witness.

In the world today, it is so easy to share. Actually, we can simply hit the “share” button in some instances. As I see more and more people sharing their thoughts, daily nuggets of inspirations, their families lives and what they at for dinner, I wonder, have we started to loose the value of our own thoughts and wisdom? Are we underestimating the impact we can have on one soul?

My grandfather and father undoubtably gave me some wisdom that I have been able to share with others. I have come to believe, if I would have read on Facebook or in a tweet what those two men shared with me, it would not have truly changed my life the way their words did.

Take some time – think about the words you speak, or post on Facebook:

  • Are your words speaking intentionally to the soul or to souls?
  • Are you speaking with true conviction? Are you practicing what you preach?
  • Are you speaking pure and solid truth – without motive? Are your thoughts said without a hidden agenda?
  • Are you listening – this is key. (Listening means listening. Not listening to be able to respond. Listening means hearing in the heart and mind.)

I am so grateful for the “silence” of my grandfather. And today, I am extremely blessed by my father’s few, but prolific words. In a world where opinions, content, and information (both good and bad) are constantly being thrown around, I look to the witness of these two men and others for my little nuggets of silent wisdom.

May your words be few, my friends.

A talkative soul lacks both the essential virtues and intimacy with God. A deeper interior life, one of gentle peace and of that silence where the Lord dwells, is quite out of the question. A soul that has never tasted the sweetness of inner silence is a restless spirit which disturbs the silence of others. -St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul

Beautifully and Wonderfully Made

You are beautifully made – made in the image of God. One way to see and admire your own beauty is to know yourself. To know the ins and outs of your own heart: how did God create you to love, to be loved? How did He design you to serve? We are created with a purpose.

Aristotle said, “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your purpose.”

What are the talents and gifts that make you the woman God so beautifully created? What are the desires of your heart that set you apart? Why did God create you to love in certain ways? All of these things help to define your purpose. You were beautifully made.

The Church in its infinite wisdom calls women to restore love and peace in the world. In 1995 St. John Paul II spoke about the beauty of women – he called it the Feminine Genius.

He wrote, “It is thus my hope, dear sisters, that you will reflect carefully on what it means to speak of the “genius of women”, not only in order to be able to see in this phrase a specific part of God’s plan which needs to be accepted and appreciated, but also in order to let this genius be more fully expressed in the life of society as a whole, as well as in the life of the Church…

The Church sees in Mary the highest expression of the “feminine genius” and she finds in her a source of constant inspiration. Mary called herself the “handmaid of the Lord” (Lk 1:38). Through obedience to the Word of God she accepted her lofty yet not easy vocation as wife and mother in the family of Nazareth. Putting herself at God’s service, she also put herself at the service of others: a service of love. Precisely through this service Mary was able to experience in her life a mysterious, but authentic “reign”. It is not by chance that she is invoked as “Queen of heaven and earth”. The entire community of believers thus invokes her; many nations and peoples call upon her as their “Queen”. For her, “to reign” is to serve! Her service is “to reign”!”

The Feminine Genius:

Women inject love to the world.

Women were made to be sanctuaries of peace and love.

The mission of women is to bring out the beauty of souls.

We need not look far for an example of the ultimate guide for our lives as women. We can look straight to our Heavenly Mother Mary. Let us think about this for a minute, Mary was no older than 15 years old when the angel Gabriel appeared to her.

When the angel came, she made the ultimate commitment – she said yes. Can you imagine making such a commitment at 15 years old? Mary was able to make that decision because she trusted God and knew herself – she knew God had a very special purpose for her life. She set aside her own plans to say yes to the will of God.

Throughout Mary’s life and the life of Jesus, she was portrayed as a woman of peace. She was a woman that pointed people to her son, the son of God. We are called to do the same. I believe the peace Mary bestowed came from knowing her purpose and her desire to live her life to fulfill God’s will.

We look back to the book of Genesis and the creation of man.

God created Male – Adam.

“The LORD God then took the man and settled him in the Garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it. 16 The LORD God gave the man this order: “You are free to eat from any of the trees of the garden. 17 except the tree of knowledge of good and evil. From that tree you shall not eat; when you eat from it you shall die.

18 The LORD God said: It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suited to him.” Gen. 2:15-18

 God created Adam to care for and watch over the Garden of Eden. God entrusted the responsibility of the male, Adam to lead and He held Adam accountable for the fruits of the Garden. Adam was designed to be strong and to have the knowledge of right and wrong. We see this in his accountability of the tree of knowledge. Adam lead with knowledge.

We also see that God designed Adam to have a counter part – a partner so he would not be alone.

“The LORD God said: It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suited to him.” – Gen. 2:18

 22“The LORD God then built the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman. When he brought her to the man, 23 the man said:

“This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;

This one shall be called ‘woman,’ for out of man this one has been taken.”*

24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body.” –Gen. 2: 22-24

We look back at the story of creation and one very key point about women is made clear in Gen. 2:18. God created a woman to fill the void in Adam’s heart. Eve was created to help Adam with his purpose.

Eve was created to follow Adam, to look to him for the knowledge he was given of the Garden of Eden. Eve was designed to love and be loved by Adam. Her purpose was to help Adam with the Garden of Eden. Her beauty was to fill the Garden with blossoms and blooms.

In our world today, we are faced with lies about what the role of women should be. We are told women should be treated equal to men in all things. Let’s be practical about this – men and women were created differently, they cannot be treated the same. The world has taken and twisted the truth that men and women are created equal. Though created differently, men and women were created with equal dignity. Both men and women were both created in the image of God and with purpose.

So what is our purpose as women – the true purpose of women? It is simple in concept – Our purpose as women is to be who God made us to be.

As St. Catherine of Siena said, “If you are who you were made to be, you will set the world on fire.”

Originally, men (Adam) were designed to be attracted to the peace and serenity of the women’s heart. God created women as sanctuaries of the peace and mercy, the ambassadors of love. Women were created in this way to serve as counterparts to men, to be pathways of peace and love for men to more fully know God. Just as Mary directed people to her Son, women are designed to direct humanity to the beauty of God.

Over time this has changed and women are no longer seen as the sanctuaries and ambassadors of love. However, this does not mean God is creating us with any other purpose than His original plan. We are still designed to point people to Him – after all, we are made in His image.

It is time we take back the image and role of women in the world. It is time we stand up for the beautiful creatures we were designed to be. We were made beautiful- our souls were made to shine and be the light to the world.

If we understood how beautiful we are, we would radiate before we even open our mouths.

So, how do we do this? How do we take back the role of women? How do we stand for our dignity?

Ladies it starts with us.

A thought to think about…

Think back to the Creation Story. Adam was created to care for and protect the Garden of Eden. He was created with great knowledge and strength to fulfill his task. God made him to have domain over all of the other creatures of the earth. His role was vital for the prosperity of the Garden. Eve was created to help and support him in doing so. Eve, the female was created to be the heart of the mission God gave to Adam, the male. Think about the Garden of Eden as the family, as the world. What are the roles of the males and females in the family, in friendships, in the world? Let us look to Adam and Eve and the way each were intentionally designed as our guide as women in our families, friendships, relationships, and in the world. What was Eve’s role in the Garden? What was the role of Adam?

We have the Church to help us- to guide us. The Church in its infinite wisdom has given us guidelines on how we live our lives to best hold on the dignity and purpose for why we were created. I can say without doubt that I would not understand and appreciate my own beauty if I would not have held true to the teachings of the Church.

I would like to challenge each of you to hold on to the depths of yourself. Keep the Lord close to your heart. Our purpose is to be the beautiful creatures God molded and shaped us to be. Our hearts and souls are so very powerful in leading people to Christ. Let us always use our beauty to point our fellow brothers and sisters to Christ. We are all going to be the light in dark places. I encourage each of you to seek the Church for guidance.

Seek God. Ask Him to show you the depths of your heart. Ask Him to reveal His will for your life everyday. Seek to learn more about yourself and how your talents and gifts help you to love and serve others.

My beloved sisters, you are each beautifully and wonderfully made.

Day to Day

For happiness and beauty are a choice…

I often wake up in the morning with so much on my mind. I recently took some time to cry out to God and asked Him to tell me how I was going to need His help in my day ( and the days of those I love). He so beautifully gave me the prayer below in response to my cry.

Heavenly Father, grant me the grace to welcome the coming day with peace and love.

Help me to rely on Your divine will to guide my life. In every moment of the day reveal Your will to me.

May Your grace empower me to treat all whom I encounter today with the peace of a gracious heart.
In all of my dealings guide me to speak with justice and mercy.

May I remember today that all unforeseen circumstances and events are allowed and sent by you.
Teach me to walk humbly. Might I  always work to serve others and put You first. Help me to choose You over my own human pride.

Give me the strength to overcome the human tendencies and desires of the day.
Direct my desires to Your will and teach me to pray as Your son prayed.

Lord, Heavenly Father, I want to dwell in your House forever…
All of this I ask in your holy name.


Prayer of Love

It was the most pleasant surprise when I opened my journal this afternoon to find something so peculiar. I found some writings that I do not particularly remember writing. I thought I would share:

Lord, for you are the greatest image of Love. You can give only the most perfect Love. With this I pray,

Love hurts. Please prepare my heart to hurt.

Love takes time. Please teach me patience.

Love is messy. Please let stains not pierce the heart with anger.

Love is beautiful. Please open my eyes to see beauty.

Love is selfless. Please shrink me enough to give it.

Love empties of self. Please fill me.

Love listens. Please give me ears to hear.

Love is sharing. Please take away my selfish pretenses.

Love is renewed. Please give me the dawn each day of new life.

Love is forever. Please give me the strength to commit.

Love is life-giving. Please bring me to life with the sunrise.

Love ignites. Please teach me to be the flame.

Love gives. Please form me to receive.

Love heals. Please expose my wounds.

Love lights a fire. May the spark alway come from You.

Turning Lonely into Lovely

Litany of Humility

        O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, Hear me.
        From the desire of being esteemed,
        Deliver me, Jesus.

        From the desire of being loved… Deliver me, Jesus.
        From the desire of being extolled …
        From the desire of being honored …
        From the desire of being praised …
        From the desire of being preferred to others…
        From the desire of being consulted …
        From the desire of being approved …
        From the fear of being humiliated …
        From the fear of being despised…
        From the fear of suffering rebukes …
        From the fear of being calumniated …
        From the fear of being forgotten …
        From the fear of being ridiculed …
        From the fear of being wronged …
        From the fear of being suspected …

        That others may be loved more than I,
        Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.

        That others may be esteemed more than I … Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.
        That, in the opinion of the world,
        others may increase and I may decrease …
        That others may be chosen and I set aside …
        That others may be praised and I unnoticed …
        That others may be preferred to me in everything…

        That others may become holier than I, provided that I may become as holy as I should.

What a prayer. What a humbling selfless plea to our Savior.

There are two lines that really create a pause of my soul:

-That, in the opinion of the world, others may increase and I may decrease …
-That others may become holier than I, provided that I may become as holy as I should.

I believe these two lines go hand-in-hand. To be the holy I must leave the opinions of the world.

There is so much going through my head and on my heart right now. After moving to a new state, city and home, I am really seeing what it is like to live in solitude. To be in a place where being understood is a struggle everyday. However, I am also learning a great deal from all of it. I am learning to rest in the love and solidarity of Christ- which is beautiful but very hard and can feel lonely at times. Lonely in the aspect that there are just somethings God is showing me about myself that are really hard to talk about with other people. I live in a beautiful home with seven virtuous women, lack of love, heart-to-hearts and human interaction is far from how I feel lonely.

The more I have prayed about it, I see that God has literally lead me here- or leading me from somewhere? There is actually peace in that- peace in the fact that his plan is so much greater than anything I could have planned for myself. It is a weird, confusing and humbling state of being.

The feelings of lonely are not something new to me. I have been experiencing them for quite sometime.  I feel very loved and surrounded by people that truly care for me and my wellbeing. I feel lonely in the sense that I feel disconnected from the world. This disconnect is running deep, so deep that my heart can feel the ache and pains.

So what is the purpose of lonely? Why does my heart feel these aches and pains? Just as I can learn from my sins and failures as humans, how can I learn from loneliness. What is the good? How do I see Christ through it?

In all of his wisdom, my father offered some great insight that I need to revisit. He gave me two quotes from Max Lucado.

“Perhaps loneliness is God’s way of getting our attention.  –  We’ll try anything to unload our loneliness.  But should we?  Rather that turn from loneliness, what if we turned toward it?  Could it be that loneliness is not a curse, but a gift from God?”

Loneliness could be one of God’s finest gifts.  –  If a season of solitude is God’s way to teach you to hear His song, don’t you think it’s worth it?”

What is God wanting me to hear and learn in this season of my life. It is hard in the world today but I believe letting go of the secular world and allowing the Holy Spirit to enter and take over will bring a sense of peace in the midst of lonely. As I reflect on what lonely has been for me, I really see how Christ is pulling my heart closer to His. The feelings of loneliness reminds me that we live in a broken world. I live where people will fail and disappoint me. However, I am loved by Christ and He cannot fail me. He is always there. When I started taking the time to acknowledge these feelings, I started seeing the Holy Spirit shower me with grace. I literally feel and see it in my daily life.

I see that maybe the feelings of loneliness are actually good for my soul. It reunites me in solitude with Christ. The world cannot give me life, it cannot fulfill me. It is only through Christ can those things be done. I believe in our world today, lonely is required. It is required because God is our source and without that source, I am not complete. He pulls me closer to Him through loneliness- I was created to be lonely without His love.

With this, I am challenging myself to turn lonely into lovely. Christ longs for my heart and who am I to keep that from Him. It is only through Him that I am the lovely I was made to be.

“I came that you may have life and have it abundantly.” – Jesus  (John 10:10)

What are the needs…

Talk given at the Catholic Student Organization’s annual Made for Greatness Retreat.

Why do we need the Church?

Why should you be Catholic at college?

  • Model of an authentic Christian community amidst the culture of a college campus
  • Chance to share: joy, sorrow, struggle, victory
    • This is where you are right now. You will never be here again. If Christ’s disciples had chosen when to follow Christ at their convenience, would we have the Church today? We are the living disciples of the Christ; living to share the deposit of faith. It is a duty.
  • Build Yourself
    • There is no better time to be selfish about your relationship with Christ, than right now. That is true for each of us. For you and for me. Today is the day the Lord has made- today is the day we rejoice and be glad in it.
    • Seek the sacraments. Seek them always. Now is the perfect time to seek the sacraments with the intent to build and cultivate a personal relationship with Christ. Be selfish with your time- selfish with the time you spend building a relationship with Him. I cannot say that enough- He deserves it. Go ahead; be selfish with your time for him. The sacraments and daily prayer are the relationship builders with our Lord. Frequent Mass and don’t forget that through a good confession, our relationship with God is strengthened.

College is a time just like all other time. It is here right now and it will be gone- just as every other thing in our life that has come and gone. We must not waist a day to spread the word of Jesus Christ- we must not waist a day not living in His love.

There is no other moment right now other than right now. We must move. It is not just college where you should choose to be Catholic. You are in college right now and that is just a season in your life. You should choose to be Catholic at college because college is TODAY. And everyday, we should choose to dive deeper into a relationship with Christ. EVERYDAY.

Catholic after College

  • Model to the world
    • Jesus never said following him would be easy. (Actually, in Thursday’s Gospel reading, he said it would even tear families apart.)
    • THe world today is filled with many gods. Gods that Jesus speaks about in Matthew chapter 7: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves.” He then says twice in chapter 7, “By their fruits you will know them.” So make your fruits good- bear only the fruits of Christ. Be aware of rotten fruits of the world.
    • The world looks to these gods of today as models of society. Society has become so warped in relativism that we no longer question right and wrong when it comes to peoples beliefs and in turn their behaviors.
  • Leaders of Society
    • This is where you take a stand! You must be that model to you community; a leader in society. As Catholics, through conformation, we chose to defend and build Christ Church. Society is one small step outside of every Catholic Church. There is one door separating the sacred and the secular. Who is going to open that door and take that step? You are! Why because Christ commissioned YOU. He told you to go make disciples of all nations.
    • Together, hand in hand, heart and heart, we take that step together as one Holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. Get to know your mission partners; your peers and friends. Know their hearts, help them grow so you can all take that step and share the love of Christ with everyone. Yes, I mean everyone! Let them know you are Christian by your love. Do not ever meet a person that was not so intrigued by your zeal and zest for life that they want what you have.
    • Where are your talents needed in the Church? What has God given you to defend Him in the world? You will need to find these things and build them. You will need to live them out in your homes in your workplaces in the grocery store etc… God gave them to you to be used…DO IT!
  • You are a key player
    • Plain and simple. It starts with you. You are a missionary a disciple for Christ. The world is in a very dark place. Our work places are being filled with the lies that money and power will make us happy. That success is how many zeros are in our bank account.
    • We must reverse this logic. True happiness comes from Christ. We must listen to St. John Paul the II and take to heart is request to not be afraid. Be not afraid.
    • It will not be easy. I will not lie, it is actually very very hard. But, let us remember, Christ did not say it would be easy to follow him. The work place can be intimidating right out of college. You will be stepping outside of a community where you worship, and recreate and live together, where you are intentionally trying to make Christ the center of your relationships. You will be stepping out to a world where those wolves in sheep clothing will be everywhere. You must be steadfast and diligent to the call from Christ. You must cling to the sacraments for grace to help you stay strong in your faith. You will have to seek out a good Catholic community. You will have to step outside of your comfort zone and face the devil head on.

The Church: Our Guide

  • Magisterium: As you have learned in college, living our Catholic faith is not easy. As you get older it does not get easier. This is why in the Church’s infinite wisdom we have the Magisterium. The Magisterium is our guide; the strong hold that helps to defend and protect the deposit of faith. Our faith has been handed down through sacred scripture and tradition.
    • In a world where we are pulled in so many directions, as Catholics, we have a guidepost, a lamp to light a path. We must learn to use this and the tools the Church has provided to us to be that model of faith- to be Disciples of Christ.
  • Tradition: The Church is rooted on sacred tradition. Why? Why does the Catholic Church look to the Old Testament and the Old Law? Think of Mose. We have all seen the Prince of Egypt… Only one of my favorite movies from my childhood. We know that Moses was a prophet that led the Israelites out of Egypt. Mose was chosen by God to build up and free a nation- to free the chosen people from the bonds of slavery. Moses was a great leader. However, not always did the people trust him. Multiple times out in the dessert the Israelites were afraid – they questioned Moses. We look back to the story of Moses and the story of Samuel and the early prophets to see our salvation history. To see the mercy of God upon His beloved people. We see that from the beginning, we, the people of God have failed time and time again. The deposit of faith lives on in the New Testament and in alive and well in our faith today.
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC): Would you be shocked to know that I am actually older that the CCC? Well, its true, I am. THe CCC was given to us after a synod that took place in the late 1980 and early 1990s. The cardinals and bishops saw that may Catholics were not well informed of the Church in our daily lives. The CCC was beautifully written modeling text from the Council of Trent to give us a guide. A guide in our world today. Use it. It was a gift. Cardinal Rathsinger spearheaded this Synod after seeing many people struggle to live their faith. The CCC was written for the Universal Church.

Why does the world need the Church? That is a great question. I think it can be answered a multitude of ways. But the first and foremost reason is because the world needs the Truth; the true presence of Jesus Christ.

The world needs you to live out your Catholic faith. You are the shining light to the nations; to the cultures of death and relativism. The world needs you-it needs the living Body of Christ!

My brothers and sisters, we are the Church. We are the Church and the gates of the Netherworld shall not prevail against it!